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About The Author

     Kent Safford was born in Northwest Indiana and received a BS degree from the Speech and Communications Department in Radio, Television, and Film Studies at Indiana State University where he won first prize in the student film festival in his senior year.


     After beginning a career in photography and newspapers, he enrolled in the design and photography programs at the University of Michigan School of Art.  Photography has always been a serious passion and he has continued his interest ( ) after moving to Northern California to pursue additional career opportunities as a convention and trade show professional in the corporate, association, and academic arenas. 


     He spent over two decades at Stanford University at the School of Medicine and the School of  Education before retiring from the Stanford Humanities Center where he was able to connect with scholars and experts in a broad array of academic fields.

     Along with a lifetime of investigating the paranormal and exploring the nature of consciousness, he chose Science Fiction/Fantasy as a vehicle to launch Choose The Sun as a story of non-ordinary circumstances that change an otherwise ordinary world.

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